eNovusTech Corp

eNovus Tech Corp is a global leader in delivering technology services and solutions to the world’s most demanding clients headquartered in Florida southeastern part of United States. We provide customized software solutions and professional services to the world’s leading technology providers, large and small businesses houses and consumers.

We use a diverse pool of IT and Non-IT professionals with a deep vertical and functional expertise coupled with the ability to design and develop scalable and give us a high-performance solution in the field of technology transformation practices.

At eNovus Tech, we have numerous experts handling the various aspects of business. We provide assistance in these following areas, such as:

 •  Software development and IT services
 •  Recruitment and staffing services
 •  Transcription and Captioning Services
 •  Online Marketing Services

Our experts at eNovus Tech, analyses and understands the business demands personally and interact closely with the clients to develop strategies that helps to achieve better results in less time.

Clients have the additional benefit that our experts provide network leverages helping to optimize the business modules and crack the market, taking business to its peak. Choosing the best methodologies often gives companies the extra edge to be better than their competitors.

eNovus has made its place in the field of Information Technology with its commitment to provide top quality services by working closely with the executive management or the lead teams thereby understanding the customer’s business requirements.

Our services enable your team to focus on the specified targets and to optimize strategies, technology, process or execution to acquire them.

Yearn for success, yearn for eNovus! eNovus revolutionizes the way your business functions and takes it to new heights.


We will be a quality player in development of society with global reach by serving ambitious clients, taking global knowledge to domestic and international markets.



We are committed to being a highly disciplined, socially responsible, and leading technical player in the global arena for technology transformation.